Standard regeneration from 650 PLN

1 Removing the turbocharger into components. 2 Cleaning the analysis of the technical condition. 3 Replacing the repair kit. 4 Balancing the rotating and weighing in composite core. 5 Submission of the turbocharger.


Company TURBO DYNAMICS is a professional remanufacturing of automotive turbochargers. Our company provides the highest quality of service with professional equipment, very good for spare parts. Uncheck the bardzoszybkim date of execution of regeneration, in the case of popular turbochargers, we service the same day. We ship to the turbocharger via a courier service with guaranteed delivery to 24. Our flexible pricing provides a different level of prices, depending on the degree of damage to the turbocharger and hence the amount of parts that must be replaced.

In our offer we have products from manufacturers such as: GARRETT, KKK, IHI, Mitsubishi, HOLSET, SCHWITZER, and others.