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This site uses cookies.

You use the website in accordance with the settings of your browser, or device to browse the web – the content available on the internet. If your settings allow you to save any, cookies are saved .

What are cookies ?

Cookies ( ” cookies ” ) are computer data , are text files that are stored in the terminal equipment of a user of the Service, otherwise speaking your device – computer , phone or other device with a web browser or similar software.

Cookies allow you to identify the computer from which the user came to the page. We use cookies , which are necessary to enable you to move around the site or to provide certain basic features. We use cookies to enhance the functionality of the site by storing such preferences. This gives us the opportunity to improve the performance and functionality of our website to provide you with better performance page.

There are two types of cookies :

Associated with the so-called Cookies . session – cookies is maintained only while the browser is running. At the time of closing the “cookies” are deleted. Cookies are straight session on technical issues such as logging , better navigation .
Persistent cookies – this kind of cookies are stored on your hard disk (the browser saves them ) .
The specified actions cookies from our website:

Improved navigation on the site, so cookies in some cases, we check the user preferences which makes scripts can suggest to the user ‘s preferences . We increase productivity thanks to the website.
With cookies , we can check if you are a new or returning user , and further it can customize the page so it does not show you the same information several times , and also show you special information just for returning users .
Cookies allow us to apply statistics and analysis through which we learn about the origins of preferences and users. What also makes us the proper development of the site in the right direction , since this know what is on our website the most popular.
If the website ‘s shopping basket ( it is possible to go shopping ) it uses cookies.
If the website is the ability to log (access only to subscribers , users logged on ) it uses cookies.
Cookies can be used to ensure safety, are used to detect fraud within the site.
If the website is the ability to vote / assessment it may use cookies.
If the website you can use the command tracking – affiliate program , it uses cookies. With this feature, we have the ability to track orders – we can see who commanded our website to another user so that we increase the functionality of our site.
Elements of Flash (Adobe Flash Player) – in the pages can be flash elements . They can also use cookie technology saving various settings. On the software provider – you will find details of the safety .
Cookie with related parties :

We use external services may occur in the pages of such elements that use cookies to :

Links ( hyperlinks ) to other web sites , each of these sites has its own policy of cookies, if you use ( click the link ), you should read the policy cookies page it is found .
Google Tools : Google Analytics statistics , advertising, google , google a map tool google plus , videos from youtube and others – a detailed description of cookies policy services associated with google you will find Tutu : .
Tools FaceBook – can be found on our website tool box fans like it and the other tools available through FaceBook – they may use cookies – a description of the action can be found here : .
A party may also have other ‘ embedded ‘ buttons and advertising materials , applications that allow users to sites liking , hyperlinked and taking other actions via social networking sites and affiliates. We do not control these sites , each of which has its own set of cookies, each of these services has a policy of cookies. By setting your browser accordingly you can decide whether you want these companies to give this opportunity .
How do I disable cookies ?

Browsing this page using the device or browser ( the software on your computer ) that allows any, save cookies . In many cases, the option to save cookies is enabled by default – default allows storing cookies. Information on setting of cookies and similar technologies – blocking, erasure can be found materials help browser, devices which currently use or visit How does block them ? – . Using these solutions can affect your ability to use our website , our applications and websites and related applications . Unfortunately, contrary to what most sincere willingness , we are not able to ensure the smooth functioning of the devices is disabled cookies.