Our company is a professional regeneration of all types of turbochargers for passenger cars, vans, trucks and machinery. In addition, we sell new and reconditioned the turbo.

Each regeneration is priced individually providing our customers with unbeatable price.

Standard regeneration from 650 PLN!

A checklist, which consists of the standard regeneration:

1 Removing the turbocharger into components.
2 Analysis of the technical condition of the turbocharger.
3 Cleaning the turbocharger components with particular attention to the wheel compression, impeller and oil channels.
4 Exchange:
– Seals,
– On-ring’ów,
– The coupling parts,
– The sliding bearing,
– Thrust bearing,
– Rings,
– Flingers,
– Fixing elements.
5 Balancing the rotating system, and weighing in composite core.
6 Submission of the turbocharger.

We provide a 12 month unlimited mileage warranty.

Standard repair is performed in one day. Custom repair time may be extended for up to three days.

We have a properly equipped machine park and qualified personnel to guarantee the high quality of our services.

Delivery time in the absence of a turbocharger in place, is one day working in emergency situations 2 working days.

With sales charge a deposit which will be refunded upon receipt of the defective turbocharger deposit of 250 PLN.

When damage to other components, the price may vary!
(Contact us to agree on the additional cost of repair).

Remember, you absolutely need to find the cause of failure of your turbocharger otherwise run the risk of subsequent repair costs!